Mobile Command Vehicles

Be a leader in planning and protection for your community. The speed and maneuverability of your mobile command center will get your law enforcement team and special forces to the disaster site within minutes. All operations can take place within the confines of this high-tech office on wheels. You can select from several floor plans, depending on your needs for equipment, space and passengers.

Some of the features we've helped clients with include:

  • 911 capacity
  • High-tech work stations
  • Strategy room
  • Multiple radio locations
  • Hidden cameras and equipment
  • Private hostage negotiation area
  • Ample phone lines
  • Diesel generator
  • Ample storage for technical maps, diving suits, records, and equipment
  • Electrical package with shore power cord
  • Rooftop air with heat strips
  • LP furnace
  • Automatic hydraulic leveling jacks
  • Satellite systems
  • Back-up monitors with screen

The unit shown below was needed and put into service before lettering and logos could go on!



 No two Mobile Command Units are ever identical. Understanding your AOR and patterns will help you design the vehicle that is the "right fit" for your organization!  These vehicles are built to serve you well for many years.  If you think you need it, you are most likely right!  The engineers at the factory and Great Lakes Coach will do everything humanly possible to make it become a reality.  


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