Odyssey Features



  • Fiberglass front and rear cowls
  • Welded tubular steel roll cage
  • Welded G-channel steel subfloor
  • Steel wheelwells
  • Steel cage primered with rust inhibitor
  • 3/4" AdvanTech subfloor
  • Underbody foam sealed and undercoated
  • Drive shaft guards
  • Front and rear mud flaps
  • 1" polystyrene foam board insulation
  • Bright white Alucobond exterior sidewall panels
  • Bright white Alucobond roof panel
  • Heavy-duty steel powder-coated rear bumper
  • Tinted bay windows
  • Side egress windows to meet FMVSS 217
  • Rear egress window
  • A-panel window in cab
  • Manual bi-fold entrance door
  • Contoured fiberglass lower body skirts
  • LED running and clearance lights
  • Velvac exterior mirrors


  • Durable bright white reinforced fiberglass ceiling and sidewalls
  • Smooth black rubber floor under seats
  • Black ribbed aisle
  • Enclosed entrance step
  • Hand and grab rail at entrance door
  • Modesty panel and stanchion next to entrance door and behind driver
  • Operator-friendly lighted switch panel
  • State of the art electrical panel with printed circuitry
  • Color-coded high temp GXL wiring harness with positive-lock, weatherproof connectors
  • Convenience lighting in cab and stepwell
  • Track for seating in floor and wall
  • High-back reclining captains chair - Driver
  • Choice of flat or lowered interior floor surface

Standard Features

  • High quality Ford 450 chassis
  • Aerodynamic automotive styling
  • Clear view windows
  • Up to 25 passenger capacity*
  • Low, wide, enclosed entrance
  • Flexible floor plans including wheelchair capability
  • Meets and exceeds FMVSS regulations
  • Qualifies for Buy America and is Altoona tested
  • Steel roll cage with full perimeter steel floor
  • Body and air conditioning warranty second to none

*Some floor plans include wheelchair/luggage areas that reduce the number of seats. CDL required.


Door and Window Options

  • Entrance door, built in cab, 36", with manual operator
  • Entrance door, built in body, 29", with electric drive door operator
  • Entrance door, built in body, 42", with electric drive door operator
  • Door operator, electric drive
  • Kubota key switch for entry door (exterior)
  • Single rear exit door with light and power lock (no window)
  • Single rear exit door with light, power lock and upper window
  • Light-duty, radius-corner rear emergency door with upper window
  • Egress window
  • Window, scenic, front cabover
  • Window, each side of rear door
  • Window, exchange standard for top T-slider flush-mount, 31% tinted
  • Window, exchange standard for Vista mirror finish, solid

Trans/Air Air Conditioning Options

  • A/C evaporator, mount in luggage compartment
  • A/C system, 40K BTU, single compressor
  • A/C system, 55K BTU, dual compressors
  • A/C system, 68K BTU, dual compressors
  • A/C system, 68K BTU, dual compressors, front evaporator with heat (available with door in body only)
  • A/C system, 53K BTU, single compressor
  • A/C system, 110K BTU, dual compressors, dual evaporators -front/rear (available with door in body only)
  • A/C system, 87K BTU, dual compressors (requires optional alternator)
  • A/C system, 95K BTU, dual compressors, condenser - 2-fan x 14" (requires optional alternator)

Climate Control Options

  • Heater, auxiliary 65K BTU, rear
  • Heater, auxiliary 45K BTU, rear
  • Pump, booster for heater
  • Heater, electric for step tread
  • Auxiliary heater prep package
  • Deluxe auxiliary heater

Light and Sign Options

  • Destination sign, lighted, single
  • Destination sign, lighted, multi-positions
  • Destination sign, lighted, multi-positions, curb side
  • Lettering for destination sign
  • Dome light (in addition to standard)
  • Stepwell light (in addition to standard)
  • Entrance door light, exterior, beside door

Para Transit Options - All lifts are FMVSS 403/404 compliant

  • Braun NL917IB ADA lift, no heater, 33" wide, with interlock and fast idle
  • Braun Vista lift NVL917IB with interlock and fast idle (folding platform)
  • Ricon S-2005 ADA lift, 32" wide, with interlock and fast idle
  • Ricon S-2010 ADA lifr, 34" wide, with interlock and fast idle
  • Ricon Klear-Vue K-5505 ADA lift, 32" wide, with interlock and fast idle
  • GM lift interlock and fast idle kit
  • Double WC door for lift with light, windows and power locks
  • ADA signage
  • Sure-Lock restraint system, lap/shoulder with steel A track and height adjuster
  • Sure-Lok Retraktor with 30" L track
  • Sure-Lok Retraktor with L track pocket
  • Sure-Lok Retraktor Solo system
  • Q'Straint Deluxe QRT with slide track (1 WC)
  • Q'Straint Deluxe QRT with L track pockets
  • Q'Straint Deluxe QRT with 30" L track
  • Q'Straint QRT with Slide'n'Click
  • Storage box for 2 belts
  • Storage bag, 1 restraint belt
  • Standee marker, white rubber

Storage Options

  • Contoured overhead luggage with individual lights (grey)
  • Luggage rack, heavy-duty, 36", floor mount
  • Luggage compartment, rear, 32", with single access door, includes light and power door lock
  • Luggage compartment, rear, 32" with light-duty single door
  • Luggage compartment, rear, 32" with double access doors, includes light and power door locks
  • Cargo restraint barrier, rear
  • Moveable rear luggage wall
  • Window in moveable rear luggage wall
  • Clothes bars in rear storage, each side, front to rear
  • Storage compartment over driver

Flooring Options

  • Rubber floor
  • color
  • wide body


  • Alternator, PennTex 200/170 Amps, PX-520R, 125 Amps @ idle (use with A/C dual compressor)
  • Alternator, Leece-Neville 200/165 Amps, 7725J Alt., 2000FB kit, 120 Amps @ idle
  • Frame mounted drop battery slides with remote post
  • Engine hour meter
  • 8-D battery with fully enclosed, vented, stainless steel tray with slides and cable trolley (remove OEM batteries)
  • Fully enclosed, vented, stainless steel battery tray with slides and cable trolley (relocate OEM batteries)
  • Fast idle control, Intermotive
  • Audio/Video package with 20" 12V LCD TV, DVD/VCP, PA system and 4 or 6 speakers, depending on floor length
  • Speaker packages, 4 or 6 speakers depending on floor length
  • Upgraded speakers
  • Prep for two-way radio
  • PA system - standard
  • Audio/Video package with 15" LCD monitor (one), DVD/VCP, PA, speakers, mounted in ceiling
  • Additional 15" LCD monitor
  • AM/FM stereo radio/CD/clock

Paint and Protection Options

  • Vinyl graphics packages
  • Paint graphics packages
  • Blackout window area
  • Stripe over window area
  • Wheel rim painted
  • Skirting painted
  • Cab and body painted
  • Ziebart rust inhibitor, cab only

Safety Options

  • Emergency aid kit, includes first aid kit (25 units), fire extinguisher (5#), and road kit (3 reflective triangles)
  • Blood borne kit
  • Back-up alarm
  • Door ajar light and alarm, exit door
  • Exit warning, light and alarm, all exits
  • Pro-Lo escape hatch
  • Brake light, center, high-mounted, LED
  • Locking fuel door, deluxe
  • Wide-angle lens, 11"x14", Vanguard

Interior Options

  • Mirror, rear view, convex 7"x10"
  • Stanchion pole, vertical
  • Stanchion pole with guardrail
  • Stanchion pole, guardrail, modesty panel
  • Safety pad, stanchion pole, vinyl-covered foam
  • Safety pad, stanchion guardrail, vinyl-covered foam
  • Safety shield, driver modesty panel
  • Assist rail at entry
  • Assist rail, angled and entrance door
  • Guardrail at engine console
  • Standee rails, ceiling
  • Carpet wrap for engine console, gray
  • Carpet floor mat, cab, gray
  • Trim, limo upgrade, fabric wall/ceiling, carpet wall floor to windows, gray
  • Trim, carpet wall floor to windows, gray
  • Trim, seat fabric insert on ceiling center panel
  • Lighting, ceiling beam, oak
  • Lighting, strip lights, oak

Exterior Options

  • Wheel liners, stainless steel (4)
  • Tire carrier, underfloor (spare tire and wheel not included)
  • Tire, spare with wheel
  • Chrome tail pipe extension
  • Bumper, rear, stainless steel
  • Step bumper, rear, black
  • Bumper, Romeo RIM "Help", rear
  • Tow hooks, rear only
  • Running board, Aluminum (driver or driver/passenger)
  • Running board, Fiberglass (driver or driver/passenger)
  • VELVAC mirrors, power remote with heat
  • 5" Convex mirrors
  • Tail pipe, reroute to driver side
  • Mor-Ryde rear suspension system
  • Air Ride - Ford - Link

Seating Packages and Options

  • Wide variety of seat configurations and options available
  • Wide variety of seat fabrics available