Prisoner Transport Vehicles

We have never had a "break-out" from one of our units!  Safety and security are important features of our prisoner transport vehicles. We can design a vehicle that meets your specifications and we are prepared to help you determine just what you need.


   Reno Police Prisoner Transport


 Some of the features which appeal to clients include:


  • Security walls with sliding door
  • Electronic door lock system 
  • Floor drains
  • Heavy duty, 9-gauge expanded metal for all security walls, doors, lights, isolation cells, and windows
  • 1/8" solid aluminum walls with punched panels at ½" intervals
  • Officer station in rear
  • Underskirt storage options
  • Security camera systems
  • ADA compliant lift equipped
  • Waterless urinal/bathroom
  • Special emergency vehicle lighting



  Optional AEDEC Seating                                             Waterless Urinal



 High Security Isolation Cells                                      Lock Detail and Pass-Throughs


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