Van Terra Features


  • Steel-reinforced one-piece aerodynamic top
  • Welded 1" x 16-gauge steel cage, primer-coated
  • Fiberglass running boards - cab
  • Ground effects skirting
  • Bright white Alucobond exterior sidewalls
  • Fiberglass rear cowl
  • 1" Polystyrene foam board insulation
  • 3/4" Advantech subfloor
  • Body undercoating
  • Steel-reinforced fiberglass rear bumper
  • Drive shaft guard
  • LED running and clearance lights
  • Centered rear brake light
  • 3" Convex mirrors
  • Chassis prep
  • 28" Single-leaf electric entrance door
  • Seven 34-5/8" x 29" solid flush mount, 31% tinted windows (two egress)
  • 54" x 29" Rear egress window
  • Hand rail and grab rail left of entrance door
  • Carpeted floor
  • ABS wheel well covers
  • OEM rubber floor mat in cab
  • Carpeted sidewalls to seat rail
  • Vinyl-covered ceiling and sidewalls
  • Vinyl-covered front and rear bulkheads; vinyl-covered doors on front bulkhead
  • Molded OEM front door panels with map pockets and door pulls
  • Overhead storage above driver/co-pilot
  • Courtesy dome lights
  • 12V Electronic control center
  • Color-coded wiring harness
  • Seat track for passenger seating
  • OEM Dash air conditioning and heat w/rear mounted free blow heat-cool unit up to 35K BTU (480 CFM) with booster pump included
  • Standard A/C warranty 3 years/36,000 miles


  • High quality Ford, Chevrolet, or GM chassis
  • 15 passenger alternative*
  • Low wide enclosed entrance
  • Wide aisle with interior head room
  • Wide wheel base stance for road stability
  • Flexible floor plans including wheel chair capability
  • Meets and exceeds FMVSS regulations
  • Altoona Tested
  • Steel roll cage with school bus roll over crush test
  • CDL license not required in most states

*Some include wheelchair/luggage areas that reduce the number of seats. Fifteen (15) seats is the maximum possible occupancy in this size unit.



Door and Window Options

  • Exterior Kubota key switch for entry door
  • Single rear exit door with upper window, light and power lock
  • Double side or rear doors with upper windows, light and power lock
  • Light-duty radius-corner rear emergency door with upper window
  • Window each side of rear door
  • T-slider flush-mount windows, 31% tint (exchange for standard)
  • Vista mirror finish window upgrade

Climate Control Options

  • Heater, auxiliary 45K-BTU, rear
  • Heated stepwell tread
  • Air conditioning upgrade to TransAir 35K-BTU with heater
  • Air conditioning upgrade to TransAir 40K-BTU (adds skirt-mount condenser), with heater
  • Air conditioning upgrade to TransAir 48,000-BTU (adds 2nd compressor and skirt-mount condenser) with heater

Electrical Options

  • Alternator upgrade to PennTex PX220 (5.4L Gas) or PX520R (6.8L Gas)
  • Frame-mounted drop battery tray with remote post (6.0L Diesel only)
  • Fully enclosed pull-out battery tray (relocate OEM batteries)
  • Fast idle control
  • 20" 12V LCD TV with remote control, antenna and 2 speakers
  • Speaker package, four (4), wired to dash radio
  • PA system
  • Video package with 15" LCD monitor and DVD/VDP combo
  • Mobile theatre system, 5 speakers, sub woofer set
  • DVD player with remote control
  • DVD/VCP combo with remote control
  • 12V Outlets


  • Wheel liners, stainless steel (4), DRW only